Poking the first greens.

Yes, I have a horrible sense of humor. Sorry. And this is actually one of the worse pictures I’ve taken. But I wanted the first post to be something I have a deep history with. This is called poke greens or poke salat or salad depending on who you ask and what time of day it is.

This is one of the first greens of spring that my folks would send me out to pick bags full to bring home and cook. I really can’t tell you how many tons of this I’ve harvested over the years. There will be better pictures coming in the future, but for now we at least have some content.

Harvest in the early spring…you really don’t want it when it’s much bigger than this. I go about shin high, but I’m short, so figure no more than about 12″ – 18″. Harvest the leaves only, discard the stems. If there’s any red to it at all, throw it away. And once it starts getting hot, not at all. We would stop harvesting somewhere in late April. Once it cracks 90 degrees, the poke is done for the year.

Now with that said, poke is one of the best health foods out there. With over 200 times your daily recommended value of vitamin A and K.. As my folks would say, this stuff will keep you healthy.

DO NOT EAT THIS RAW!  To cook it to make it safe, boil it in three full changes of water. Throw a bunch of stemmed leaves in a large stock pot. Fill it with cold water and then bring it to a full rolling boil. Drain the water off, refill with cold water and do it again. Do it one more time and then drain and then eat the leaves. We scrambled them with eggs and bacon, but treat exactly like you would spinach.

I pulled over to the side of a very busy intersection, getting honked at the whole time, just to snap this picture. This is the big one in my history that I have the most memories of and harvested the most of. Every time I see it, I can’t help but think of daddy sending me out for “A mess of poke greens”




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